Public Speaking in English
Learn how you can always find your words when speaking in public

Find Your Words

Speaking opportunities are too often turned down, missed or not used to their full potential, because of a lack of confidence. Sometimes it’s about speaking English, sometimes it’s about speaking in public in general, and sometimes it’s about speaking in public in English. You're worried about not being able to find your words, mumbling, freezing on stage and looking ridiculous.

Do you know this feeling?


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We often can't find our words because of the stress we feel while giving the talk. Not having the right word immediately produces more stress, and down the spiral we go.

Another reason for struggling with fluency on stage is the amount of practice we have, and, last but not least, the extent of specific chunks of vocabulary that can help us use the language in "prefabricated modules" rather than having to assemble it word by word.

This public speaking workshop creates the context for stress-free practice, and helps participants develop strategies to always find their words.


Learn how to learn the English of public speaking

by observing and noticing the expressions and style of great speakers so that we can incorporate some of those tools into our talks

Learn how to always be able to find our words 

by developing strategies for those moments when we’re on stage and the exact word we need is suddenly erased from our memory, causing us to get stuck and nervous

Learn how to always get the audience on our side

by managing our own nerves and the potential negative emotions of the audience

Speaker Coaching Tuesday Talks

Three Tuesdays of Public Speaking with a TEDx coach

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Each session will target one objective: 

  • to develop participants' ability to notice lexis and to enrich their own vocabulary independently

  • to help participants develop strategies to find their words more easily, even under stress

  • to raise participants' awareness of what elements of their talk might potentially trigger the audience positively or negatively, and to help them anticipate and use these triggers in their favour


ioana lazarescu speaker coaching diaries


Get the trial run price of 200 kr/ hour!
Bring a friend and you both  get 20% off!
There are maximum 6 spots available, so it's first come, first served. 
It's all about public speaking in English - so sessions will take place in English, giving you the chance to be completely immersed in the language.
For this workshop to have the desired impact, attending all three sessions is required.
Therefore, booking a spot means booking the three sessions.
I'm happy to answer all of your questions.

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ioana lazarescu speaker coaching diaries