#TuesdayTalks: Credibility

Learn how to make the best use of your expertise and project credibility, without over-explaining!

"These are a lot of technical details, let me know if I should explain some of them again."

"First let me take you through all the steps in my research."

"Now that I've explained everything, let's get back to your question."

If you are an expert and you often find yourself overexplaining, it's probably because you want to make sure your audience understands the importance of your work.

There's only one problem: lengthy and complex explanations make for unexciting, forgettable talks.

So is there another way to project credibility? 

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All credibility, all good conscience, all evidence of truth come only from the senses.

Friedrich Nietzsche



.... The good news: Credibility is learnable!

In just a few seconds, just from hearing your voice, your audience creates an expectation about your age, gender, nationality, personality, social status and also, your credibility. As speakers, we want to establish our credibility as soon as we step on stage. Or into the virtual room.

But first things first. What is credibility? And what is the relationship between credibility and trust?


Credibility [definition]: the quality of being believed or trusted

Synonyms: trustworthiness, plausibility, validity


A study conducted on  87.000 leaders showed that a positive relationship is more important than both competency and consistency, when establishing trust.

Research also showed that first impressions are formed in seconds (3, 7, 10, 30, or 0,1 depending on the author), and change very little later on.

So how can we establish a positive relationship with our audience in that first tenth of a second? And how can we reinforce a good first impression?



3 Tuesdays of Public Speaking


 Projecting Credibility


3 Tuesdays. 1 Workshop

10 Hours of Public Speaking Practice

max. 8 Participants

All online.


Unlock the Biology of Trust

Connect with your audience and establish trust and credibility. No mystique, no fumbling about. Just science. 

Empower your Voice

Let your voice do the talking. Develop vocal strategies that will help you sound extra confident and credible. 

Put in Practice

To do is to learn. Practice with a real audience and get real feedback on your speech or presentation.


We will be your companions on this journey.

Inês Moura

Vocal Coach


Inês  has been enthusiastic about voice training for leaders and professionals for over 10 years. She graduated in Speech Therapy and mastered in Vocal Coaching from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, and is a Certified Coach by the International Coaching Community (ICC). She is a Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Body Language Microexpressions.

Inês is also the  author of the book “O Poder Secreto da Voz” (The Secret Power of Voice, only in Portuguese) and podcast host on "Your Voice Matters".


Ioana Jongsma

Public Speaking Coach


Ioana has been helping speakers find their words since 2008. She has trained and coached executives in a number of industries (tech, banking, legal, pharma, automotive, healthcare, education, policy) to be better communicators and presenters in English.

Ioana is also a TEDx speaker coach affiliated with TEDxOdense.



11 May: Unlock the Biology of Trust

Trainer: Ioana


In this session, we will lay the foundation for the course and de-mistify credibility. We will learn:

› The Science of Trust

› How to apply this science in Public Speaking, in face-to-face and in online set-ups

› How to build credibility into our talk without overexplaining

18 May: Empower your Voice

Trainer: Inês


In this session we will discover what is a Vocal Brand and how to define our own Vocal Identity. We will:

› Practice voice strategies that will add more confidence and credibility to our message

› Work with our voice together with Inês and get immediate feedback

› Emphasise key messages with our voice to keep the audience interested and engaged while making our speech.

25 May: Put in Practice

Trainer: Ioana


To do is to learn. In this session, we will practice with a real audience and get real feedback on our talks. We will:

› Deliver our talks to a live audience

› Invite honest and constructive feedback that will guide us to improve our content as well as our delivery

›  Celebrate our achievements.

Dear Ioana,
Thank you for an excellent course, it certainly gave me very useful tips and insights into public speaking.
Erja Kaikkonen
European Training Foundation
I really enjoyed our Tuesday sessions, I learnt so many things! And you will not believe it : I already put them in practice. Today I informed my department about the changes in our organisational structure and I followed your questions to prepare my short speech : what you want the audience to know, and what you want them to feel.
I want to thank you so much!
Anastasia Fetsi
European Training Foundation
Ioana pushed me to dig deeper and challenged me in a way that was scary at first, but it resulted in a personal and beautiful talk – suited for the red dot. She was extremely supportive and gave me the courage to tell my real story! She was a challenger and supporter, and while she helped, she made sure that the talk was still my own words.
It would not have been the same talk without her!
Sofie Woge
Founder & CEO, tendo
Ioana is a genius in supporting the person she works with and in uncovering the sharp and genuine message they want to share. In each session I felt re-motivated and understood. Ioana never tried to push my talk in any other direction that what truly was my intention.
Language wise, Ioana was also of great assistance in seeking more precise phrases and expressions to make the talk as powerful as possible within the framework.
I have worked with quite a number of editors. Only two have been a true source of betterment of my product. Ioana is the number 1 of those two.
She truly has been a professional gamechanger.
I can recommend Ioana to anyone who wishes to share their core message with a broader audience. Ioana will make sure you and your work will excel on stage! 
Lene Gammelgaard
Survivor of the 1996 Everest disaster
A real treat doing these TuesdayTalks with you, Ioana, thank you!
Anette Rømer
TV Formats Consultant
Dear Ioana,
THANK YOU so much for a great online workshop, it has been so inspiring and started an internal progress.
Karenmaria Molie Margareth Damgaard
Creative Entrepreneur
Ioana is an outstanding, highly competent and proficient coach for speakers, to upgrade their communication and presentation skills and be the best expression of themselves on stage.
Ioana has a very supportive, yet a challenging and facilitating approach to help people generate transformational insights towards fulfillment of their dreams and goals.
I have personally experienced Ioana to support me in curating and sharpening my message for the TEDx talk. It was indeed a very meaningful and enriching experience working with Ioana. 
I strongly recommend Ioana to those who wish to elevate their speaking skills and present their message with power and impact to a large audience.

Ajai Lal

Leadership and Executive Coach

Colonel in the Indian Army (Veteran), Former Senior Military Observer – United Nations 

Corporate price: 1500*

For private individuals: 700** 

*incl. VAT, per attendee

** no VAT applicable

Prices expressed in EUR

ioana lazarescu speaker coaching diaries
ioana jongsma speaker coaching diaries

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