We speak before an audience every day, from the moment we are able to utter our very first word, until our last.

Everything from an office presentation to a TED Talk is public speaking.


The Speaker Coaching  Diaries

Behind the scenes speaker coaching stories – TEDx speakers, conference speakers in business, health and tech, as well as speaker coaches and speaker trainers open up about some of their funniest, scariest, most moving and most revealing moments in the speaker coaching process.

If you have been in any one of these situations, you’re hereby invited and warmly welcome to tell your story on this platform.

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So you want to rock your presentation in English

Speaking in public, death and spiders: humanity’s top 3 fears, in this precise order.

While death and spiders are terrifying enough on their own, to most of us, speaking in public comes with the occasional extra “bonus” that it has to be done in a foreign language, frequently English.

In the program we are developing, we work on your concrete topic in order to help you say what you want to say, in the way you want to say it, confidently, fluently and coherently.

Our best resource in this training program is you: your own current use of English, your current knowledge and your own ideas. Think about it – why try to sound like someone in an exercise book, when you need to feel more confident about sounding like yourself?

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The Debate Club


In a time when social media algorithms, marketing budgets and political agendas decide how we see the world, we take a minute and (remember what it’s like to) form our own opinions. We step out of the pre-digested points of view and half-truths that are being served to us on all kinds of screens and open our eyes to alternative sources of information, become aware of our cognitive biases or skewed logics and build arguments that can stand strong. We facilitate debates that are won not by the one who shouts loudest, but by the team that makes the best case.

Debates are run in English, and the language learning component focuses on practical skills such as expressing and supporting opinions, bringing counter arguments in a polite, but firm or challenging way, asking difficult questions, expressing conclusions, presenting points of view, etc. The intensity and mode of teaching language points is adapted according to each group.

Organized debates are a complex tool for personal development. They create the context not only for developing rhetorical and cognitive skills, general knowledge, public speaking, quick thinking and adaptability, but also for an authentic exercise in empathy: it can be quite interesting to argue for an idea you personally disagree with.

Group size may vary, but ideally one team is made up of 3 – 5 members, with 2 teams debating in the course of one session.

The Debate Club is open to people of all ages and backgrounds, but, for example, student teams or industry-based teams can be formed on request.

Sessions typically last between 2 and 3 hours.

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Ioana Lazarescu speaker coaching diaries
Over the last decade, Ioana has been coaching executives in various industries (banking, legal, automotive, healthcare and pharma) to be better communicators and presenters in English. Over the past three years, she has been coaching the speakers of TEDxOdense and curating TEDxOdenseWomen (Denmark), working with e-health conferences (EHiN, Norway), consulting and coaching with the European Training Foundation (Italy).
“I am, very simply, looking for meaning, like every other person on the planet. In myself, and around me. To some extent, meaning is in the eye of the beholder, but one can also create meaning.
This project comes from the decision to consciously and intentionally contribute to the production of meaning.
Every day, we are given opportunities to put ideas that matter out into the world. And every day, countless chances are wasted. I have definitely seen my share of talks that bore, confuse or force themselves onto the audience, and I believe we no longer have time for that. We have no more time for meaningless talks – we need to start conversations that truly matter.
It’s so often a question of how things are said.
So let’s find those words that will mean most to you and your audience.”
Ioana Lazarescu speaker coaching diaries

Emilie Møllenbach

Product Design Lead, Mobile Pay

Working with Ioana was one of the most supportive and clarifying experiences I have had. She patiently helped me shape and define the narrative that ultimately became my TEDx talk.

I believe we went through at least 10 versions and with each walk-through she enthusiastically guided me to sharpen and strengthen the story.

It is safe to say that my talk would never have been the wonderful experience it was, without Ioana. Her way of challenging and inviting for reflection was a pleasure to work with, and helped bring out the best in me.


Anna-Sophie Hartvigsen

Founder & Head of Female Invest

Ioana helped me prepare for my TEDx talk through multiple coaching sessions. She was not only an amazing coach who lifted my speech to another level, she was also a great support and made me believe in myself and helped me think outside of the box. I recommend her to anyone who wants to boost their own performance. And  to have fun in the process!


Lene Gammelgaard

Survivor of the 1996 Everest disaster

Ioana became my passionate and very dedicated co-innovator for perfecting my TEDxTalk. It was a rare and rewarding process to be in contact with Ioana 1-2 times per week for an extended period of time.
Ioana is a genius in supporting the person she works with and in uncovering the sharp and genuine message they want to share. In each session I felt re-motivated and understood. Ioana never tried to push my talk in any other direction that what truly was my intention.
Language wise, Ioana was also of great assistance in seeking more precise phrases and expressions to make the talk as powerful as possible within the framework.
I have worked with quite a number of editors. Only two have been a true source of betterment of my product. Ioana is the number 1 of those two. I have learned a lot from the prolonged commitment during the TEDxTalk process.
Ioana was compassionate without ever slacking commitment, month after month. She truly has been a professional gamechanger.
I can recommend Ioana to anyone who wishes to share their core message with a broader audience. Ioana will make sure you and your work will excel on stage!


Julia Evelyn Larsen

Co-founder of CryptoWomen CPH

Ioana carried me through to my TEDx Talk effortlessly. She perfectly merged her caring nature with a structured and constructive drive. I never felt like I was off track, and the end result sounded more like me than anything I could have done myself. She’s professional to the bone.


Dr. Poornima Luthra

Founder & Chief Consultant, TalentED
External lecturer, Copenhagen Business School
Co-founder, Plantier

I have had the privilege of having Ioana as my coach to help me prepare for my first Tedx talk. From the very first conversation with Ioana, even before the formal coaching sessions, there was an amazing positive energy I experienced with her. Ioana has the amazing ability to make you feel comfortable and calm.

During the coaching sessions, Ioana provided clear, concrete and encouraging suggestions and nudges. While I speak in front of audiences as part of my job all the time, Ioana was able to challenge me and push me to rethink how I structure my content to be even more effective at communicating to and engaging with my audience. I really looked forward to my weekly coaching session with her, and have missed them since.

What I have learnt from Ioana wasn’t just useful for the delivering my Tedx talk but they have become a part of my style of speaking. For anyone who needs some support to push them to be even more effective public speakers, I would highly recommend Ioana.


Sofie Woge

Founder & CEO, tendo

Once I learned that I had the opportunity to do a TEDxTalk, it felt a bit overwhelming – how the **** will I make it good enough for the red dot?

My first draft was all over the place without any clear storyline, but Ioana quickly picked out the extra valuable pieces and helped me to put the puzzle together into a new and more structured draft. It started to get an overall structure, but we both felt that it was lacking a  certain depth.

Ioana pushed me to dig deeper and challenged me in a way that was scary at first, but it resulted in a personal and beautiful talk – suited for the red dot. She was extremely supportive and gave me the courage to tell my real story! She was a challenger and supporter, and while she helped, she made sure that the talk was still my own words.

It would not have been the same talk without her!